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To Purchase your ring, Please Follow these 3 Simple Steps
Step 1: Shows your short list of Rings and/or Diamonds you have picked.
  1. Select the 'Buy Ring Now'' or 'Buy Diamond Now' to make a purchase or an inquiry about the item. ¬ You are here
  2. Enter in your contact information
  3. Confirm your order and your payment details on our Secure page and/or ask for additional
    information about your particular selection.
In Order to purchase a Complete Diamond ring, First Pick  the diamond.  Next, go to our Ring Section & Pick the setting for it,
or if you have previously picked some diamonds which would be listed under Loose Diamond Picks section first 'Select ' the Loose Diamond you want installed and then click 'Add Selected Loose Diamond' for the the ring you are interested in.

Note: As all of our Rings are carefully crafted and are custom made based on the exact diamond size and finger size, we are only able to sell our exquisite rings to perfectly display diamonds sold by us.
Ring Picks

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